12 6 CHEM 101 88. Q CHEM 1ll’t Analytical Chemistry Sample Long Examination 1 Directions: Write the pertinent equation. show your complete solution….

I already answered some of the numbers but I wanted to make sure If I’m right. Please show me the process or procedures in answering each in detailed for me to understand it more clearly. Thank you 🙂

7:12 6 CHEM 101 88… Q CHEM 1ll‘t — Analytical ChemistrySample Long Examination 1 Directions: Write the pertinent equation. show your complete solution. and report your answer to the proper number ofsignificant figuresTime allotment 9t! mine-resNotes 1. Almough not to be submitted, you are encouraged toanswer the sample examoo your mun. Thisallows you toassess whether you are capable of passing the actual exam.2. The content of the questions is not the same as that ot the actual exam. Question type may also vary. Using conservation principles write sloichiometric relationships for the fotlowing:a. The precipitation of so as Ema:o. The reaction between Mg” and [EDTAf’ in which [Mg-EDTAF’ is formedo. The redo): reaction between P‘ and 82032" in which rand 3.052" are fonnedIdentity the type of error in the following cases:a. Analyst oyerbtrales because he cannoldeterrnine the color change sensitivelyb. Instead of using a 25-mL transfer pipel. a 25-mL graduated cylinderwas usedc. The reaction of analyte with the titrant produces unwanted by-productsd. Some samples being weighed inadvertentty picked up dustfrom the surroundings . One brand of commercially available murialic acid contains 32.0 “at: HDI (who. Its measured density is 1.16 gtmL. AEDD-mi. portion oi this sample was diluted to 500 mL. TItration of 2000-mL aliquots of the diluted sample required thefollowing volumes of 0.1093 M NaOH [or titration: Trial 1 2 3Volume offltiJQB M NaOH 20.14 mL 20.5? mL 19.19 mL3. Calculate the ”at; MM} of HCI from each trial. Determine the mean. the standard deviation. and the confidenceinterval at 95% confidence level. b. Test whether the mean “In HCI [wtwj is significantly different from the reported valueato= 0.05. . Calculate the solubility of MgtDH}; in a solution buffered to a pH of 100. Is its solubility lower or greater than ‘nunbufiered water? The Neuter MgtOH}; is 11 r 10’”. . Twenty iron supplement tablets with total mass (#22131 g were ground and mixed thoroughly. ThenZQ’Ela g of thepowder were dissolved in HNOa and heated to convert all iron to Fe”. Addition of ”Hg precipitated Fezszl-bO whichwas ignited to give 0264 g Fezoa. What is the average mass of Fe280.-Tt-t20 in each tablet? .HEND…

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