17. What is the magnitude of the magnetic flux for a loop of wire if the following is true?


What is the magnitude of the magnetic flux for a loop of wire if the following is true? Radius = 0.3 m Plane of the loop: x/y plane Uniform B-field (2.0 T) passing through loop at right angles to the plane of the loop acting along the -z axis. 

a. The flux is 0.19 Wb 

b. The flux is 0.28 Wb  

c. The flux is 0.43 Wb 

d. The flux is 0.56 Wb


If the loop in question #17 rotated such that the plane of the loop was halfway between its initial position and a position wherein the plane of the loop was in the y/z plane, determine the flux? 

a. 0.40 Wb 

b. 0.59 Wb 

c. 0.71 Wb 

d. 0.37 Wb


A loop of wire (Area of loop = 0.02 m2, plane of loop in x/y plane) enters a region of space with a uniform B-field (100 T) oriented in the positive z direction. What is the induced emf for the loop as it traverses the field? 

a. 2 v  

b. 0.2 v 

c. 0.001 v  

d. 0 v


Lenz’s Law can be interpreted as meaning: 

a. A system cannot react to a physical stress 

b. A system never allows any change in flux 

c. Energy is conserved 

d. Energy is lost in a system that allows for induction

B = 27RXFlux of = & B . JA`where dA : Area vectorNow, area vector JA is parallel to B`: d = $ B dA `no’ = Q B dA= BQdA = B DA[ since B = const.]. & = B . ( TT R 3) = 2 X TT ( 0 – 3…

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