Affirmative Action

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Instructions down below.

The following videos are from a debate on whether it is time to end Affirmative Action. Watch both videos and discuss whether you believe Affirmative Action should continue, be eliminated, or modified in some way. Be sure to incorporate information from class and/or your textbook. If you quote or paraphrase be sure to cite your sources.

**You do not have to answer each of the following questions specifically, however these questions may help guide your discussion.

  • Do you support Affirmative Action? Why or why not?
  • Is Affirmative Action a form of reverse discrimination?
  • Do you believe Affirmative Action has helped correct the wrongs of past discrimination? How?
  • Does the government have an obligation to correct the wrongs of past discrimination and to provide fair and equal treatment of minority groups? Give examples.
  • If not Affirmative Action programs, what, if anything, should be done to provide more fair and equal treatment of minority groups?

Joseph Phillips in favor of ENDING Affirmative Action:

Tim Wise in favor of KEEPING Affirmative Action:

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