Answer each question in a complete sentence. 1. What city is often called the “port of Europe”? 2. What was Kievan Russia? When did it exist? 3. Who

Answer each question in a complete sentence.

1.  What city is often called the “port of Europe”?

2.  What was Kievan Russia?  When did it exist?

3.  Who was Ivan the Terrible?  How did he become famous?

4.  What was meant by the Mongol Yoke for Russia?

5.  Which countries are part of Scandinavia?

6.  What is the Nordic Model?

7.  What impact did the Hawley-Smoot Tariff Act of 1930 have on Europe?

8.  What is the European Central Bank’s primary role?

9.  What countries border the Baltic Sea?

10.  What is the Euro Zone?

1. The city of Rotterdam in Netherlands is often called the port of Europe2. Kievan Russia was the initially composed state on present-day Russian domain. It is broadlyviewed as the profound…

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