Ashford HIS 378 Week 5 Discussion 1 Identity, Memory, and Oral History NEW

Identity, Memory, and Oral History 1st Post Due by Day 3. Prepare.

Tosh, John. The Pursuit of History: Aims, Methods and New Directions in the Study of History (6th ed.). New

York: Routledge, 2015.
• Chapter 1: Historical Awareness

Tosh, John. The Pursuit of History: Aims, Methods and New Directions in the Study of History (6th ed.). New

York: Routledge, 2015.

· Chapter 11: Memory and the Spoken Word

· Chapter 12: History Beyond Academia

AND one of the following that corresponds to your research topic:
Roper, Lyndal. “Witchcraft and the Western Imagination” in Richard Lectures: Witch in the Western

Imagination. Charlottesville: University of Virginia Press, 2012, 25-47. Accessed December 8, 2015.

ProQuest ebrary.
Dupuy, Pascal. “The Revolution in History, Commemoration, and Memory” in Blackwell Companions to

European History : Companion to the French Revolution, edited by Peter McPhee. Somerset, NJ: John Wiley & Sons, 2012, 486-502. Accessed December 8, 2015. ProQuest ebrary.

Cohn, Bernard. “Cloth, Clothes, and Colonialism: India in the Nineteenth Century” in Knowledge: The British in India. Princeton: Princeton University Press, 1996, 106- 162. Accessed December 8, 2015 ACLS Humanities Database.

Lekan, Thomas M. “Nature’s Homelands: The Origins of Landscape Preservation 1885-1914” inImagining the Nation in Nature: Landscape Preservation and German Identity, 1885-1945. Cambridge: Harvard University Press, 2004. Accessed December 8, 2015. ProQuest ebrary.

Chavez, Ernesto. “‘A Movable Object Meeting an Irresistible Force’: Los Angeles’s Ethnic Mexican Community in the 1950s and Early 1960s” in Mi Raza Primero! (My People First!) : Nationalism, Identity, and Insurgency in the Chicano Movement in Los Angeles, 1966-1978. Berkeley: University of California Press, 2002. Accessed December 8, 2015. ProQuest ebrary.

Reflect. Historians often employ a theoretical framework in answering their research questions. This framework is based upon the experience of the historian, the sources he or she has used and/or plan on using, the research question they are interested in, and the state of the historical field. Reflect on Chapters 1 and 11 of Tosh, your final project topic, and your study of history to this point. Reflecting on your final project topic, what research questions would be asked by historians who examine memory and identity on this subject? What sources would they use? Does your understanding of history lend itself to using an approach that focuses on the relationships between memory and identity? Why or why not?

Write. As discussed by Tosh in Chapter 1, and later in Chapter 11, studies of memory, especially cultural memory, and identity have developed in the last twenty years within the discipline of history, influenced by cultural and social history. Oral history, which is based upon the analysis of memories of individuals, is a much older tradition within history, but one that today is subject to similar forms of analysis.

o In a comprehensive post, please answer the following questions, incorporating your reflection of the additional chapter assigned where appropriate:

o How do historians study memory? How is the study of memory distinguished from memory itself?

o Why is personal and cultural identity so important for historians to keep in mind when evaluating the

past? What is the importance of historical awareness?

o How do each of these approaches draw upon cultural and social history? How are they different?

o What are the potential strengths and limitations of oral history with regard to issues of memory and

cultural identity?

How might your topic be examined from the perspective of relationships between memory and identity?

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