Categories of species that feed on no other species in the food web are referred to as ____.

Categories of species that feed on no other species in the food web are referred to as ____.

top predator

Intermediate species


basal species

c & d

Ecologists usually consider a subset of species when they define and study communities. When both hummingbirds and bumble bees feed on nectar in flowers they can be grouped as a/an _______.

taxonomic group


functional group

ecological group

geological group

Holoparasitic plants are nonphotosynthetic whereas hemiparsitic plants are photosynthesic.



In the Lotka-Volterra competition equations, a and ß refers to?

per capita growth rates

species density

carrying capacity

competitive coefficients

The Shannon index is the one most commonly used quantitative species diversity indices which considers both number of species and evenness.



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