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Identify five common risks in healthcare clinical projects, and develop contingency responses for each.

  • Accountability is one common risk in healthcare clinical projects because if a team member does not do their part then that can negatively affect everything and everyone else in the project. A contingency plan for this risk is using a chart that was presented in our book called RASIC. It stands for responsible, approval, support, informed, and consult, this chart lists “all project team members’ roles for each task in a project” (McLaughlin, Olson 112).
  • Time is another risk in healthcare clinical projects because if time frames aren’t assigned then it can cause delays and setting the whole project back. A contingency plan for this risk is using the PERT estimating system. This system helps in “knowing when a task should have started and whether the project is ahead of or behind schedule” (McLaughlin, Olson 115), this system is most helpful when it comes to a lot of project tasks
  • Technology Failure is also a risk in healthcare clinical projects because technology is bound to be used and it is also bound to crash and fail at wrong times. A contingency plan for this risk is having an IT employee on standby so that if issues arise then they are fixed quickly. Also if data is being inputted in a device then make sure that device is backed up or that you have paper copies of the data on hand.
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