I’m stuck on a Law question and need an explanation.

Mod 6 (week 7) Part 1

1. Read Chapter 8

2. Answer the following questions under mod 6

What is diversion? What are the advantages? What are the disadvantages? Are diversion programs useful tools for corrections professionals? Do you think diversion programs reduce recidivism? Why/why not?

Back your answer up with info from the text and at least one outside resource/article.

3. Post at least one article/outside resource in the discussion board “diversion” and briefly explain how it helped inform your understanding of diversion.

Mod 7 (week 8)

1. Read Chapter 9

2. Answer the following (under Mod 7 in assignments)

Explain why we use intermediate sanctions. Do you think that the rationale provided in the text is sufficient to justify their use? Explain your answer.

Which intermediate sanction(s) do you think have the most utility, from both a public safety and a reform perspective?

Explain what we mean by the continuum of sanctions. What are some advantages to viewing sanctions from this perspective?

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