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In other words, we are asking to create your own blog through these events. Imagine yourself during the Revolution. What would life have been like as a peaceful farmer, a loyal British subject, or an enslaved person? Maybe you’re a revolutionary soldier pleading for democracy, a Native American hoping for a more just future, or a woman pleading for rights, like you will see in Abigail Adams’s letter? (Remember only 20-33% of people supported the war!)

Download the attached document and keep a “journal.” As you “experience” the Revolution through the following texts presented here, what are your reactions? Imagine you are reading these documents. How would they affect you? Put yourself in the war of words going on through 1775-1783.

Quote directly from the pieces. Pretend you read them in a newspaper or a copy of the letter or memoir was shared with you as it was written. Refer to events as if you are seeing them unfold.

Creativity counts here, so have some get into your person and his or her blog. Make it attractive. Even more important than aesthetics is content. What thoughts go through “your mind” mind when they hear of the content of John Adams and Abigail Adams letters? What hopes and dreams do they have? How are their fears exacerbated by the ebbs and flows of the Revolutionary War?

Pay close attention to the minimum word count, as each entry should be about 25-50 words. There are 10 entries required, each worth 10% of the grade. Note that not all readings require you to respond to them, but still read all of them! Be sure to demonstrate a complete reading and viewing of the materials in this section. Complete each “journal” as you read the selected text or excerpt.

You will submit your “journal” assignment at the end of the section prior to taking the section quiz.

1. First, identify who you are in 1775-1776.

Then, complete the ten entries for the following ten sources:

1. John Adams’s letter to Abigail Adams, dated June 17, 1775
2. Abigail Adams’s letter to John Adams, dated March 31, 1776
3. Edmund Burke’s “Speech to [Britain’s] Parliament”
4. Benjamin Franklin’s “Letters on the Prospects for Reconciliation”
5. John Adams’s letter to Abigail Adams, dated July 3, 1776
6. Peter Oliver’s “Address to the Soldiers of Massachusetts Bay”
7. Thomas Paine’s “The American Crisis,” No. 1
8. Selections (Part I and II) from Joseph Plumb Martin’s Diary
9. Selections from Boyrereau Brinch’s Narrative
10. The selection from Boston King’s “Memoirs of the Life of Boston King”

In addition to watching the videos and reading the texts for this assignment, this activity should take about 30 minutes total and will help students meet the following objective:

1. While reading the texts and viewing the documentaries, students will create a journal that documents their feelings and experiences during the Revolutionary War.

It will help you think about:

1. What you might have done in the war

2. Why the revolution was unpopular for common folk

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