HCS 334 Week 5 Final Project / Personal Fitness and Wellness for Optimal Living

The Benefits of Being Fit — Community Presentation


Since you have a health and wellness background, your supervisor asks you to give a presentation at the local library for a small group of community members. Select one of the following audiences to use for this project: elderly, youth, diabetics, obese, or individuals with cardiovascular disease. The members of your group do not exercise currently, and they are hesitant to do so. Therefore, your presentation on the benefits of personal fitness must be convincing. For your presentation, you must:

Explain what physical activity entails and examine its relationship to fitness and wellness.

Describe your chosen group.

How many Americans are inactive, and what are the health consequences of physical inactivity?

Utilize and cite relevant statistics to support your claims and findings.

Describe the benefits of a regular exercise routine.

Appraise the relationship and benefits of cardiorespiratory endurance training, muscular strength and endurancetraining, flexibility, and body composition. Explain the factors affecting these components.

Develop at least three specific exercise recommendations that could be incorporated into your selected group’s

daily routine, and include how your recommendations address each of the components (from number 4 above) ofhealth-related fitness, so that the overall state of fitness for your group may be improved.

Provide at least three tips on exercising safely,environmental conditions, fluid intake (before/during/after physical activity), etc.

Examine exercise behavior and physical activity habits as well as the common barriers and/or challenges to
fitness. Offer sound tips on how these challenges and barriers can be overcome.

Visit three local facilities that offer fitness programs tailored to your chosen group.

Briefly describe each facility (e.g., amenities, equipment, access, membership, location, programs/services offered, program days and times, and the cost).

Free offerings may be available through local parks, churches, hospitals, non-profit organizations,schools, universities, or libraries.

  1. Organize this information in a way that is easy for your audience to review. For example, create some kind ofvisual aid, handout, or a chart similar to the one below:

The Final Project must be a PowerPoint presentation that consists of a minimum of 16 slides, not including the title and reference slides. Include detailed speaker notes within the notes section right below each slide. Include a minimum of five scholarly sources, in addition to your course text. All sources must be cited according to APA style as outlined in the Ashford Writing Center.

At a minimum, each of the requirements listed above must be presented. You may include additional information that would be applicable to your selected group.

Your PowerPoint presentation should be interesting and engaging. It should have a visually appealing and easy-to-follow layout that includes the use of images, graphs, tables, fonts, and colors that enhance the content and make it easy for your audience to relate to. Lastly, have fun with this project!

Creating the Final Project

The Final Project:

Must be a minimum of 16 PowerPoint slides (excluding the title and reference slides).

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