HIM 410 Week 4 Midterm NEW

  1. (TCO 1) What are the main sources of healthcare revenue? Please give examples
  2. (TCO 2) Identify a specific role that a Health Information Manager (HIM) has in healthcare planning of services
  3. (TCO 5) Identify the different types of financial reports used in healthcare organizations. Please give an explanation of each
  4. (TCO 7) What are the various types of flexible budget variances used in healthcare organizations? Please explain each
  5. (TCO 8) A hospital’s sensitivity analysis can be used for projecting what?
  6. (TCO 4) What is the purpose of a cost center as it relates to reporting in a healthcare organization?
  7. (TCO 6) The planning process for managers is a difficult task. How can understanding mixed costs benefit a manager?
  8. (TCO 7) Please explain why managers must understand the difference between productive and nonproductive time. How does knowing this information benefit a healthcare organization’s financial objectives?X
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