HRM 548 Week 5 Turnover Evaluation NEW

Write a 700- to 1,050-word paper in which you evaluate the various types of turnover outlined in the following scenarios:

A sales associate who is slightly above average in the number of sales has decided to leave the company for a competitor.
    As the HR Manager what are your concerns about this person’s exit from the company?
    In what ways might this be positive turnover?
    In what ways might it be negative?
After training a new inspector for a year a city decides to terminate his employment. Although the inspector is technically competent local contractors have made many complaints about his lack of customer service and his approach to enforcement.
    In what ways might this be positive turnover?
    In what ways might it be negative?

Discuss, in general, the benefits of turnover to the organization, and compare it to turnover that is unhealthy for the organization.

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