HSA 520 Final Exam Part 1 NEW

Question 1

Computational functions support:

Question 2

An information-inquiring culture has transparent:

Question 3

The genesis of Health Management Information Systems (HMIS) goes back to the roots of numerous areas, including:

Question 4

A healthcare services organization may develop or adopt various types of cultures, including:

Question 5

Because it is an art form, motivation requires that the CIO have special skills and elevated expertise, including:

Question 6

Systems are:

Question 7

Shared values portray:

Question 8

The executive largely responsible for articulating the organizational vision and mission is the:

Question 9

The role of the CEO or CIO to oversee the use of HMIS in any healthcare services organization requires that the individual has been trained and has experience and mastered a certain set of:

Question 10

URL stands for:

Question 11

Online extraction of relevant health information by both experts and laypersons have proliferated due to:

Question 12

The Internet has facilitated the use of information and communication technology (ICT) to:


Question 13

Online health information seeking should be of concern for health administrators for myriad reasons, including that it:

Question 14

Existing ERP packages include:

Question 15

How can ERP software be used to facilitate data integration?

Question 16

The goal for ERP is:

Question 17

What has often been referred to as the “brain” or “heart” of a computer?

Question 18

For practice management systems delivered from private healthcare organizations and hospitals, electronic billing and patient scheduling are being developed for numerous benefits, including:


Question 19

One definition of regional health information organizations (RHINO):

Question 20

Consolidation, sometimes purported as a “market-sheltering activity” occurs when:

Question 21

One definition of community health information networks (CHIN) is:

Question 22

A Web-based PHR system will empower patients with:

Question 23

While the vision of EHR is theoretically possible, it is difficult to realize in practice. EHR would portray:

Question 24

Healthcare databases have been in existence for as long as there have been data storage devices, and in addition to a computer data-processing database, they can include.

Question 25

Substantial administrative and clinical benefits can be achieved, should a universal EHR system be finally realized and these include:

Question 26

As a modular, self-describing type of software service, Web services are self-contained applications that can be:

Question 27

Technically, most legacy systems were developed using different languages such as:

Question 28

WSIHIS provides user interfaces that provide:

Question 29

Seamless system interoperability of legacy HMIS is a challenging task because these legacy systems were largely developed when there were no:

Question 30

With what primary challenge is interoperability primarily concerned?

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