HSA 520 Final Exam Part 2 NEW

Question 1

e-prescribing means:

Question 2

A semistructured interview should:

Question 3

The movement toward the use of EHR has developed much further in countries other than the United States, where only what percent of practices use EHR?

Question 4

A structured interview should:

Question 5

Of the following concepts, which describes “system development methodology tools”?

Question 6

An end-user is:

Question 7

Variables used in formalized data flow diagrams (DFD), refers to:

Question 8

Early computer applications were typically designed without adequate analysis and planning. As HMIS evolved, what type of approach became increasingly necessary? 

Question 9

How is management, a major component of data stewardship, defined?

Question 10

How is business intelligence, a major component of data stewardship, defined?

Question 11

Which of the following may be considered the number-one priority when designing, implement, and evaluating HMIS?

Question 12

Which of the following factors provide a primary challenge for accurate billing? 

Question 13

HMIS staffing issues can be addressed by simply asking pertinent questions, like all but one of the following:

Question 14

In addition to examining various staffing issues at the system level, what strategy most helps ensure a smooth and timely HMIS implementation?

Question 15

Training modules focused on the systems, and not the operational, perspective is called?

Question 16

Program coding, or simply programming, refers to the:.

Question 17

What is the recommended best practice to reward good technical HMIS personnel?

Question 18

One of the reasons DICOM standards have been popularly accepted and adopted across a wide variety of clinical imaging contexts is that these standards specify a conformance statement that improves:

Question 19

Health Level Seven (HL7), as accredited by ANSI, is a system development organization whose aim is to:

Question 20

The Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA) was enacted on August 21, 1996, by the U.S. Congress to accelerate the development of data standards to improve:

Question 21

What information, precisely, is HIPAA protecting?

Question 22

The WHO categorizes the application of e-health into broad areas, one of which is knowledge services, which means:

Question 23

The world has recognized extensive advantages of globalization, the most common benefits revolve around which discourse?

Question 24

Technological barriers to e-health adoption are:

Question 25

E-Health, one of the major current categories of telemedicine, refers to:

Question 26

What is the best mitigation approach for the barrier identified for effective HMIS use and diffusion referred to as: clinicians and system users not involved in the process of design and selection?

Question 27

What are primary barriers for innovation diffusion in the healthcare sector wearable monitoring device technology?

Question 28

What is the best mitigation approach for the barrier identified for effective HMIS use and diffusion referred to as: lack of training, lack of access to the structured knowledge and criteria regarding the system capabilities and implementation processes?

Question 29

What is the best mitigation approach for the barrier identified for effective HMIS use and diffusion referred to as: cultural resistance to algorithms and management systems among physicians?

Question 30

Within the healthcare services organization context, healthcare technology can be conceptualized broadly and be said to be:

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