HST201 Critical Thinking: Colonial Indentured Servant System

Can you help me understand this History question?


I need some assistance writing an essay about the colonial indentured servant system. Below is the requirements…

Aaron S. Fogleman wrote From slaves, convicts and servants to free passengers in which he described colonial labor. Using your textbook, as well as the assigned readings, do the following in a paper:

  • Explain the growth of the colonial indentured servant system.
  • Explain how the system of indentured servitude was organized.
  • Explain who participated in the system.
  • Explain their goals and motives.
  • Explain how this system of servitude shaped the American colonies.
  • Explain why indentured servitude eventually declined and gave way to the Atlantic slave trade as a major source of colonial labor.

The paper must b between 2-3 pages in APA format with titles per each paragraph/topic and references correctly cited.

Please complete within 6 hours.

Thank you

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