Human Sexuality; Transgender in the Elite Athletic World

I’m studying for my Psychology class and don’t understand how to answer this. Can you help me study?

I have my powerpoint regarding Transgender and the Elite Athletic World mostly complete. I need to include 1 more scholarly source to discuss physical differences between male and female anatomy, I have provided a link to the scholarly source below. I also would like the presentation cleaned up so it flows better. I do not need the PowerPoint to be recreated, merely add in info for the physical differences and how they may impact elite athletes, and kind of clean op the remainder of the slides so it flows better.

I have listed the assignment requirements below along with the link for the source I need to add and integrate information from. Attached is my current work completed on the PowerPoint

Assignment Requirements: Create an educational PowerPoint presentation about Transgender in the Elite Athletic World. The goal is to show that you understand the research-based facts about human sexuality; apply what you’ve learned to a broad audience; and develop technical writing and presenting skills. You are required to have five scholarly sources for your presentation. You will be required to turn in your APA references page via dropbox. • Scholarly sources are those that are published and written by experts for the purpose of sharing original research or analyzing information. This could be in the form of articles or books • Scholarly articles are not: o Newspaper articles o Websites • Have fun and be creative! Using Power Point, create your presentation. You will want your presentation to be a fun and information demonstration of your topic. Reminder: Be sure you DEFINE 10 TERMS we’ve learned from the textbook. Make sure to underline each term used so I can easily I identify your work. The powerpoint must be a minimum of 12 slides, though I would prefer 15 or more especially if you are using graphs and photos in your presentation.

I am arguing that while I accept a persons choice to be transgender, there are physical and biological issues with them competing in the elite athletic world. The International Olympic Committee has stringent guidelines in place for transgender athletes, but are there still physical differences between male and female physiques that provide an unfair advantage? I have listed a few of the scholarly articles I’ve researched, I also need to include the actual physical and biological differences between male and female bodies.

Link to scholarly source regarding physical differences between male and female anatomy and athletic implications that I need added and integrated into existing PowerPoint

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