importance of relationships with Asia

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Written Requirements

You will write a summary of and provide comments on the article.The summary and commentary should include the following:


  • A summary of the article, including how the article adds to the information in the textbook
  • Your comments about what you learned, what you thought was surprising, what was most interesting, what was most valuable from the article, etc.


  • Include a title page which contains the following:(1) the article title, (2) the course number, (3) your name, and (4) the date.
  • The written assignment should be at least 2 pages in length, with at least 1/2 page devoted to your comments.The assignment should be double spaced.
  • Use 1 inch margins
  • Use a font no larger than Times Roman 12 pt. font.

Citation and Article

  • Provide a citation of the article at the end of your paper using APA format.Information on writing a proper citation in APA format is provided in two links to Purdue University in the D2L section titled “Writing Assistance.”
  • Upload a copy of the article along with your paper.In the case of videos and podcasts, the citations will suffice.
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