In a donor population, the allele frequencies for the common

In a donor population, the allele frequencies for the common (HbA) and sickle cell (Hbs) alleles are 0.9 and 0.1, respectively. A group of 550 individuals migrates to a new population containing 10,000 individuals; in the recipient population, the allele frequencies are HbA = 0.99 and Hbs = 0.01.
A. Calculate the allele frequencies in the conglomerate population.
B. Assuming the donor and recipient populations are each in Hardy-Weinberg equilibrium, calculate the genotype frequencies in the conglomerate population prior to further mating between the donor and recipient populations.
C. What will be the genotype frequencies of the conglomerate population in the next generation, assuming it achieves Hardy-Weinberg equilibrium in one generation?

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