In the tomato, three genes are linked on the same

In the tomato, three genes are linked on the same chromosome. Tall is dominant to dwarf, skin that is smooth is dominant to skin that is peachy, and fruit with a normal rounded tomato shape is dominant to flattened, or oblate shape. A plant that is true-breeding for the dominant traits was crossed to a dwarf plant with peachy skin and oblate fruit. The F plants were then testcrossed to dwarf plants with peachy skin and oblate fruit. The following results were obtained:
151 tall, smooth, normal
33 tall, smooth, oblate
11 tall, peach, oblate 2 tall, peach, normal
155 dwarf, peach, oblate 29 dwarf, peach, normal
12 dwarf, smooth, normal
0 dwarf, smooth, oblate
Construct a genetic map that describes the order of these three genes and the distances between them.

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