Introducing Philosophy ( write 3 400 word about a philosopher)

I don’t understand this Philosophy question and need help to study.

Write three long answers (about 250-399 words each) on three philosophers of your own choosing.

Here are your choices. Page numbers refer to Introducing Philosophy (10th ed.). If you have another edition the page numbers will be different.

1. William James (pp. 72-74) The rationality of believing in God.

2. Descartes’ ontological proof of God. (55-57)

3. Hume’s criticism of the argument from design.67

4. Kierkegaard on truth as subjectivity and the absurd *89-91)

5. Plato on the Forms and knowledge as recollection (127-136)

6. Aristotle’s view of suhstance, his rejection of the Platonic Forms,, the four causes, etc (139-146).

7. Locke on substance, primary and secondary qualities, simple and complex ideas (152-158)

8. Spinoza on suhstance, his deductive method, etc. 1

9. Leibniz on substance (monads) and his metaphysical system

10. Freud’s The Future of an Illusion–explain how Freud”s book may be understood as presenting two problems and two solutions. As part of your answer, you need to mention the three taboos and the four mental assets, and what Freud says about the command not to kill.

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