Is America moving forward towards the totalitarianism of Oceania or are we retreating from it?

I’m studying for my English class and need an explanation.

In George Orwell’s 1984, we are given the present condition and the historical beginnings of the Oligarchical Collectivism that is Oceania, Eurasia, and Eastasia—according to Goldstein. The fact that these three opposing entities share the same governmental principles is one of the main ideas expressed in one of the chapters in Goldstein’s heretical book and although this is a non-fictional work, Orwell included in the text two full chapters as well as a definitive appendix on the subject of Newspeak. In a nutshell, your assignment will be to answer this question: Is America moving forward towards the totalitarianism of Oceania or are we retreating from it. Your research assignment will be to pick two quotes from either of the Goldstein chapters or from the appendix. You will explain the context of the quotes (where and why they occur in the novel); you will then use these quotes to support the direction you’re taking, and (here is where the research comes in) find two recent articles that—hand in hand—along with your quotes to prove your thesis: American is or isn’t moving towards totalitarianism. Your articles must be from a competent news source for which you will provide adequate attribution. My advise is this . . . find the articles first (based upon your own particular belief about where America is heading and then find the quotes that support it.

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