MAN4720 008 Applied Concept Paper Linking Chapters 10 and/or Chapters 11 of Wheelen & Hunger (2015) Strategic Management & Business Policy, 14th Edition

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Select a business news article or articles and show how between six and eight implementation staffing and evaluation, control concepts in chapters ten and eleven are reflected in real business world happenings.

You must adequately link between six and eight concepts from your assigned chapters to demonstrate your comprehension and critical thinking ability and may use concepts from either or both of your assigned chapters The key terms section at the end of each chapter may be helpful in making your selection.

If multiple articles is your choice, please be sure to include an abstract for, and copies of, each article.

A sample paper is included as course information handout 6.1 and the sample grading sheet is posted as number 6.2 is also posted to provide additional guidance. Be sure to include the following: A cover page with your name and Z number, course name and section number, assigned unit, due date and instructor’s name. Remember to number the pages and include the title of the chapters addressed in your paper. A second copy and your major are not required for this assignment. A photocopy or printout of the published article(s) on which your work is based, which should be relatively recent, as a general guideline, published within the past two years. Attribution of all authors cited, APA or MLA formatted, on a sources cited appendix.

Although I suggest that your paper be between five and half and eight pages in length, I tend to be fairly flexible as long as you avoid both padding and being so excessively brief that it becomes difficult to read or understand. Be sure that the content is relevant. Use a 12-point font, allowing approximately 1½-line spaces. Structure your paper using titles to divide ideas and distinguish concepts from one another. Provide an abstract of one or two paragraphs summarizing the article(s) briefly in your own words. At most, 20% of the paper should be devoted to defining the textbook and course document concepts that you intend to link to the article. The remainder, representing at least half, should be dedicated to an analysis showing how your article may be used to interpret the selected concepts. A one-paragraph conclusion should briefly explain what you learned from the exercise. Finally, APA or MLA formatted, source notes are essential. Your paper should be structured using the following segments. Note that Wikipedia, Investopedia and other open source sites may not be used.

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