Management Concepts

Can you help me understand this Writing question?

PART 1- Based on Chapter 5, and our Lecture-ppt…discuss long-term goals.

Why are long-term goals written?

What are short-term goals?

Why should you always write both goals when planning for the week, the month, or the year?

Do you favor an electronic calendar or a paper calendar? Explain your response…and discuss the value of your preference…

PART 2 – Based on Chapter 6, discuss the importance of teams…(the best way to respond to this Discussion Board is to read the entire scenario…and then respond)…

What is the difference between a team and a group? When does a work group become a team? List at least 2 steps taken in the steps from group to team…

You’ve had experiences in teams and/or groups, possibly in the class, or at an internship, and possibly even at a workplace…

What were your positive experiences? Why?

What were your negative experiences? Why?

Observe the pyramid in the text and/or in the Lecture-ppt (#19)…select three steps in the pyramid, and explain how this happens and how is it negotiated to a good resolution…

You have been promoted to a managerial position at your workplace…(you have been working there for the past 3 years, and have many co-workers and friends)…

What will be your first steps in making that transition from worker to manager? What relationships should you develop and re-develop?

How will you negotiate the co-worker (working alongside someone in the same capacity) and now having the responsibility of being in an upper position and managing them? Do you think it will be easy or difficult? Think about this for a few minutes…Why?

How will you manage the transition with your former co-workers/friends?

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