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Assignment One

Exploration Essay

Your exploration essay will focus on the topic related to the course material. The intent of this paper is for you to delve more deeply into a subject related to the course that is of interest to you. Your essay must be at least 800 words in length (typically 3-4 pages double-spaced). All submissions should be in either .doc (or .docx) or .pdf format. You may include figures, but the overall word count must fall somewhere in this range; check this with your computer software.

The topic for the first assignment can be a genre, a performer, a group, a composer, a style, or a song contest. While these suggestions are very broad, your topic should be very specific. A paper on “Flamenco” for example, is not acceptable. Your paper needs to be much more focused, e.g., “The Impact of Flamenco in the Music of Paco de Lucia.”

Your writing should have an academic tone, not overly conversational or colloquial. Also, it is not an opinion paper; it is a research paper. Write your paper with the intent of teaching others in the class about your subject. Be sure to include a significant list of references (at least five). Since this class is open to any major, you may use whatever bibliographic format is expected of your discipline (MLA, APA, etc.). As long as you are consistent with your citation style, I’m not too picky.

Important: Include in-text citations when you borrow material from other sources. It is not enough to include this source in the list of references.

Your paper should be written for the purpose of Z283 only. All papers will be scanned through Turnitin.com tool, to avoid possible plagiarism.

Below is a tentative list of topics. You can choose any of these topics or, come up with your own topic. If you decide to use the topic of your own choice that is not included in the list below, please make sure you confirm it with me before you start working on your essay. Just send me an email indicating your choice.

Let me know if you have any questions!

Tentative List of Topics

  • Euro-Pop versus Folk Fusions: Similarities and Differences
  • ABBA: Their History and Major Accomplishments
  • Eurovision: The Olympics in Popular Song
  • Edith Piaf and French ChansonThe Fusion of Chanson and Jazz/Blues: Patricia Kaas
  • Rammstein and the New German Hardness
  • The Iglesias Family: Two Generations of Pop Stars
  • Flamenco and Its Impact on Paco de Lucia
  • Alla Pugacheva: Her Style and Repertoire
  • Laima and the Latvian Pop Song
  • Adriano Celentano: Singer, Actor, and DancerSofia Rotaru: Embracing Three Cultures
  • Omega and Their Contributions in East European Pop
  • Karel Gott as the Voice of the Czech Popular Music
  • Cheslaw Niemen and the Protest Movement in the Polish Rock and Pop Music
  • Elza’s Ocean and the Reflection of Political Turmoil in Ukraine
  • Ruslana and Her Victory at Eurovision
  • Alyosha and Her Post-Chernobyl Story
  • Pesniary and the Belorussian Folk Rock
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