Project on Community Services & Response to Domestic Violence.

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Step 1: Area – Select an area within the field of domestic violence, child abuse or elder abuse that is of interest to you and relevant to the class (examples: impact of domestic violence in the workplace, the intersection of domestic violence and homelessness, criminal justice system response to child abuse)

Step 2: Research -Do research on the specific area, using peer reviewed journal/scholarly articles, primary and secondary sources (government/non-profit websites, newspaper articles, etc) as sources.

Step 3: Interview Questions – Draft 5-8 questions (no more than 10) you have about the area you picked (Examples of questions: How many women seek this service? How many survivors are teens? How many survivors are in need of housing/shelter?)

Step 4: Interview – Identify and contact someone who either works/volunteers at an organization (on or off base, can be a non-profit or government agency) that works on the issue. The SECOND option: IF you cannot connect with either a staff person/volunteer OR a service recipient, you can seek out the answers to your questions on the website of the organization in the area you choose.

Interview Instructions: 1) Make sure you share that you are writing a paper for a college class; 2) Assume that you will only have 10 minutes of the interviewees time – have the questions ready; 3) You can conduct the interview in person, by phone or via e-mail; 4) Be sure to provide a deadline for the interviewee if via e-mail so that you have enough time to draft your paper; and 5) Send a thank you note to the interviewee to show your appreciation

Step 5: Paper – Draft your research paper. Be sure to follow the rubric below. Paper length should not exceed 8 pages TOTAL – includes cover, reference and interview questions).

Structure Recommendation: Use the following sections to organize your paper: Introduction, Summary of Area, Analysis of Response, Reflection, and Conclusion. Do not forget to include a title/cover page, reference page AND an attachment (last page) of the questions you used for your interview or organization research.

Interview/Organization Research Results & Reflection (2-3 paragraphs)

· Summarize your interview OR organizational research results

· Discuss your thoughts and response to the interview/organization research findings (were you surprised, angry, upset)

· Explain why you responded that particular way


Content, clarity, and organization of ideas

· Introduction and concluding paragraph

· Grammar and spelling

· APA citations, formatting and reference page


Interview/Organization Questions Attachment

  • Include the full list of questions you drafted at the end of the paper (after the reference page)
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