Read a very short article i upload, and answering the question around 300 words

I need support with this Economics question so I can learn better.

Read the article about Federal Reserve policy and the stock market in late 2019. In your opinion is a possible quantitative easing policy good or bad for the stock prices in general? Provide examples to support your opinion. The article mentions that low interest rates worldwide might make it difficult for monetary policy to generate economic growth. In your opinion do you agree with that or not and what would that mean for the stock market prices in the future? Are there any particular types of stocks that you believe would be helped or harmed more by Federal Reserve quantitative easing? Provide some examples. The last part of the article suggests that adding gold to a portfolio will improve the Sharpe ratio of the portfolio. Do you agree with that or not? How would a quantitative easing policy affect gold prices? You do not have to address all of these question; they are merely suggestions of some things to think about.

Your response must be 300 to 500 words. File must be uploaded as an MS Word document or pdf file by 5 PM on Friday March 6. Please feel free to use information from class or other sources (Google searches and reading information online, reading other articles, etc.).

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