Read the case answer the questions after the case. And watch the video write a discussion

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All information needed to respond comes from your text book readings and, in some circumstances, information provided in the Discussion assignment. Unless otherwise noted, do not consult outside resources to shape your answers.

work 1: Please read the case “Managing Motivation in a Difficult Economy” on Page 644 and complete the assignment at the end of the case.

work 2: Reflect on the reading about power. Researchers argue that one of the reasons some people have power over others is that individuals are so quick to conform. Several classic studies, including the Asch Studies, help to illustrate this idea. Watch the following video about the Asch Studies, and think about the “real-life” implications. Then watch the next video which is a more modern conformity experiment, and think about the “real-life” implications of this experiment.

video link 1:

video link 2:

After watching the videos, answer the below questions:

  1. From your perspective, taken together, what are some “real-life” implications of these studies? Explain and discuss.
  2. In your opinion, how might conformity play a role in the workplace? Explain and discuss.
  3. In your opinion, how can an awareness of this information help you in the workplace? Explain and discuss.
  4. One could argue that these are just silly experiments taking place in a somewhat controlled setting but that such conformity would not take place in the real world. In your opinion, do you agree or disagree? Why? Explain and discuss.
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