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1. Kailea Phillips

End of Life Workbook

The topic of death has always been hard to talk about, but this assignment made me realize how much work goes into someone passing. About nine months ago, I found out I was pregnant with my first baby which of course was super exciting but two weeks after is when my mom was rushed to the hospital where we later found out she had two brain aneurysms. It was the scariest couple months of my life, not knowing if she was ever going to wake up from surgery. As a 21-year-old, I had people constantly coming up to me at the hospital asking if my mom had a will or if I knew what her wishes were if she were to pass. It really put it into perspective just how fast death can occur and how we need to be prepared even at a young age. Even now that she’s home and better, we still don’t have a will or any kind of document stating what she wants if she passes. When printing out the pages to fill out, I went ahead and printed two copies and gave a copy to my mom to fill out since we had nothing from her a couple months ago when we might have needed it. At first, I think we were both scared to write anything on the paper because it meant that it was real. I also had a conversation with my husband about possibly being a DNR patient when the time came. Of course, he disagreed but I believe that when its my time then I should go as calmly as possible and without interruption

2. Tekeya Spear

End of Life Workbook

This assignment puts things in perspective. It made me think about not only end of life, but emergency type situations. It made me think about how easy it could make the process for you or your loved one, as well as the person taking your information. When you have an emergency, or you are so overwhelmed with what is happening you sometimes have a hard time remembering everything in the moment. I felt like this would be so helpful in so many peoples live, not just end of life. I realized that I am underprepared in all areas as far as end of life situations. I don’t have any of these things in place, however, I have thought about them. One of the conversations I had was with my mother-in-law who recently had a situation in which she was hospitalized, and she was asked all of these questions in front of everyone. Her reaction made me feel like she would have answered different if everyone hadn’t been in the room looking and waiting to hear what her response would be. When I got this assignment I asked her would she have answered the same if everyone hadn’t been there, and she didn’t say no, but she said I thought about that and I’m not sure if I would have agreed to doing everything possible. However, in the moment her kids were saying do everything you can, and she just agreed. I felt like if she had something like this in place it would give her an opportunity to state her wishes in privacy and everyone would just have to respect her wishes. That experience and reading these papers put things in perspective for me and was truly an eye opener.

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