SOC-102- Social Problems-Connecting the Dots: A Reflection on the Interconnectedness of Social Problems

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In this assignment, you will explore the connection between economic inequality and other social problems.

Select four (4) other social problems from chapters other than the ones mentioned above. USE the four below

1. World population

2. Poverty

3. Gender inequality

4. Disability/ableism

For each of these four social problems, write a small argument (consisting of a paragraph or two) in which you show how economic inequality creates, maintains or exacerbates that problem.

The goal is to explore the various ways –both obvious and not-so-obvious—in which social problems are interconnected, and more specifically, how an issue like economic inequality may have effects on other areas of society and social life. I am particularly interested in the subtle ways in which these connections manifest themselves. So, don’t feel constraint to point out the obvious (or don’t get lazy and do it just because it is easy). Instead, be creative and thoughtful, and try to come up with some of the less obvious, and subtler ways in which inequality leads to or aggravates other social problems. I wouldn’t worry too much about “being correct” as long as you can make a good and persuasive argument to support your statements.

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