Student Name: Emily, Martin TA Name: Nathan Thacker Carvone to Carvacrol Post-Lab Questions: 1. Provide the mechanism for the acid catalyzed

Have I started this correctly? Will HSO4 use its other H to reach out for a proton or would it be another H2SO4? Which proton would it take? I can’t figure out how they moved that primary double bond into the ring.

Student Name:Emily, MartinTA Name:Nathan ThackerCarvone to Carvacrol Post-Lab Questions:1. Provide the mechanism for the acid catalyzed enolization of the following compound:H2SO4HHeatOHH- O – S – OH11r .:0:2. Could you have substituted the enantiomer of (R)-carvone for the starting material in thweek’s reaction? Why or why not? what would have been the product formed as a resu

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