The entire test relates to one organization: The New York Times.

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Answer all the questions posed. Suggested word limit, 2000 words for the entire mid-term (all questions included).

The entire test relates to one organization: The New York Times.

1.Go to the corporate website of The New York Times Company ( Find their financial information (for example, the 2018 annual report is here), and fill in the data below.


Ratio used







2.From the Annual Report of 2018, please read the 2-page note by Mark Thompson to the shareholders. Based on what you know of the NYT’s performance in 2019 (e.g. see this), has the organization been successful in achieving its objectives?

3.In the new environment, which two of Porter’s five forces are critical to NYT? Analyze them, and suggest what NYT must do to manage those forces.

4.In the general environment affecting the newspaper industry, which two segments should NYT focus on?

5.What would be a good mission statement for NYT in 2020? Keep it 30 words or less.

6.A 2015 study that plots changing TV viewership habits among youth shows some habits that will affect media companies. Identify two ways in which NYT and a paid TV channel like HBO have the same problem. Also identify one way in which their problems are different from each other.

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