The History of: Advertising on and in trains

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Select any one of the following topics which you would like to research. Conduct research (literature, or secondary, research is fine) into the topic, write a MINIMUM of 1200 words on the topic (NOT including bibliography). Illustrations are welcomed, but no required. DO cite your sources in the paper, use multiple sources (more than a couple), do not rely on Wikipedia, and plagiarism will result in failing. Note that some of these topics are easier to research than others, but I encourage you not to select based on ease. I do, however, recommend you do a quick search on a topic before you commit to it, so you have an idea of how difficult the task might be.

The focus on all of these topics should be history, even where the topic otherwise could be written about the current state of that topic.

The History of: Advertising on and in trains

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