The revelation about human nature from Genesis 1-2 book

This is a paper that is focusing on the student to discuss the revelation about human nature from Genesis 1-2 book. The paper also provides additional information to use in the writing and submission of the assignment paper.

The revelation about human nature from Genesis 1-2 book

Use and cite at least two of the following topic study materials: textbook chapter 4, Topic 3 overview, “The Mystery of Original Sin” article, and Bible passages. Cite all of the resources used with in-text citations. These should be on reference page at the end of this document

1: Firstly, what is revealed abut human nature ( from Genesis 1-2)? Cite and reference the textbook.
Your answer in 100-150 words

2:Secondly, what are the consequences of the fall for human nature(from Genesis 3)?
Your answer in 100-150 words:

3: Thirdly, what is revealed about human purpose? what does it mean for humans to flourish, other words, to achieve spiritual, emotional, and mental well-being? Cite and reference “ The Mystery of Original Sin” article.
Your answer in 100-150 words.

4:Fourthly, how would pantheism or atheism ( choose one) view human nature, human purpose, and human flourishing?
Your answer In 100-150 words:

5:The question,” How can an all-powerful, all knowing, and all God allow suffering? is called the problem of evil and suffering. Cite and also reference the topic overview and/or the textbook
Your answer in 100-150 words

The revelation about human nature from Genesis 1-2 book

PART TWO: Consequence of the fall today
select a Christian organization from the “Christian Organization that address a Consequence of the fall” list provided in the topic study materials.

1: Firstly, based on the research addressing the following: highlight how the consequences of the fall are evident in the issue(s) that the Organization addresses; include statistics, causes and also impact on people ( victim, perpetrators, others as appropriate).
Your answer in 75-100 words.

2: Secondly, describe how this issue creates dehumanization and diminish human dignity. Include statistics, causes, and impact on people ( victim, perpetrators, others as appropriate).
Your answer in 75-100 words.

Write how Christian worldview ministry that you select is combatting the consequence of the fall.

1:Firstly, what organizational statement reveals that this organization is operating from a Christian worldview?
Your answer in 250-300 words:

2: Secondly, explain how the organization uses a God-centered worldview (as defined in the “The Mystery of Original Sin”article) to address dehumanization and restore human dignity.
Your answer in 250-300 words

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