Three autosomal genes are linked along the same chromosome. The

Three autosomal genes are linked along the same chromosome. The distance between gene A and B is 7 mu, the distance between B and C is 11 mu, and the distance between A and C is 4 mu. An individual who is AA bb CC was crossed to an individual who is aa BB cc to produce heterozygous F1 offspring. The F1 offspring were then crossed to homozygous aa bb cc individuals to produce F2 offspring.
A. Draw the arrangement of alleles on the chromosomes in the parents and in the Fl offspring.
B. Where would a crossover have to occur to produce an F2 offspring that was heterozygous for all three genes?
C. If we assume that no double crossovers occur in this region, what percentage of F2 offspring is likely to be homozygous for all three genes?

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