Two male mice, which we will call male A and

Two male mice, which we will call male A and male B, are both phenotypically normal. Male A was from a litter that contained half phenotypically normal mice and half dwarf mice. The mother of male A was known to be homozygous for the normal Igf2 allele. Male B was from a litter of eight mice that were all phenotypically normal. The parents of male B were a phenotypically normal male and a dwarf female. Male A and male B were put into a cage with two female mice that we will call female A and female B. Female A is dwarf, and female B is phenotypically normal. The parents of these two females were unknown, although it was known that they were from the same litter. The mice were allowed to mate with each other, and the following data were obtained:
Female A gave birth to three dwarf babies and four normal babies.
Female B gave birth to four normal babies and two dwarf babies.
Which male(s) mated with female A and female B? Explain.

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