Write a Critical Prcis for the following passages. Include an argument diagram and identify the argument type when appropriate.

Write a Critical Précis for the following passages. Include an argument diagram and identify the argument type when appropriate. Additionally, evaluate the strength of any causal arguments, and justify your evaluation.                         

                      Ex 8.9

7. (1). Among people who use multiple dietary supplements, fish oil/omega-3 supplements now top multivitamins in popularity. (2) The conclusion is based on 6,012 responses collected in November from a sampling of subscribers to our free e-newsletter. (3) Fish oil/omega-3 supplements were used by 74% of respondents, followed in popularity by multivitamins, which were used by 72%. —ConsumerLab.com.

This passage from ConsumerLab.com

10.(1) For-profit hospices do not focus on the best interests of their patients. (2) In one study assessing the impact of ownership status on care provided to patients, researchers found that patients receiving care from for-profit hospices received a narrower range of services than patients from non-profit hospices. (3) The narrower range of services meant that patients with for-profit hospices were not receiving as much counseling services, medications, and personal care. —Carlson, Gallo, and Bradley, “Ownership Status and Patterns of Care in Hospice”

This passage is from Carlson, Gallo, and Bradley, “Ownership Status and Patterns of Care in Hospice an argument.

                                    Ex 9.9

1.     (1) The University of Hawaii at Manoa is a lot like the University of Colorado at Denver. (2) They are both public, coeducational universities located in the capital city of their state, and they both have student populations of approximately 20,000 students. Since (1) 64% of the students at the University of Hawaii are of Asian or Pacific Island descent, approximately the same number of students at the University of Coloradoat Denver are of Asian or Pacific Island descent.

                            Ex 10.9

1.     (1) Recently researchers compared 286 depressed workers with 193 others who were not depressed. Since (2) only the depressed workers had such problems as fatigue, lack of motivation, and trouble managing their usual workload, researchers concluded that depression was the cause of their problems at work. —American Journal of Health Promotion

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