You will need to understand solved problem S4 to answer

You will need to understand solved problem S4 to answer this question. The gene for coat color in rabbits can exist in four alleles termed C (full coat color), cch (chinchilla), ch (Himalayan), and c (albino). In a population of rabbits in Hardy-Weinberg equilibrium, the allele frequencies are
C = 0.34
cch = 0.17
ch = 0.44
c = 0.05
Assume that C is dominant to the other three alleles, cch is dominant to ch and c, and ch is dominant to c.
A. What is the frequency of albino rabbits?
B. Among 1000 rabbits, how many would you expect to have a Himalayan coat color?
C. Among 1000 rabbits, how many would be heterozygotes with a chinchilla coat color?

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