Your task is to create a business-like proposal that compares products, features, and prices, and then provides a final recommendation.

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The CEO of 504 Technologies again turns to you for help with a technology problem. The satellite office’s computers are getting old and need to

be replaced
. This is an opportunity to focus on the individual computer purchase, which will include the hardware, operating system, main productivity suite, and antivirus software.

You have discussed the possibility of BYOD (Bring Your Own Device), but

the security risks are deemed
too great in this

office. While you

are then tempted
to custom build the computers (with various parts from different vendors), the CEO is insistent on “all-in-one” packages. This means your choices are

laptops or desktop computers that have the tower, monitor, keyboard, and mouse in one package.

Your task is to create a business-like proposal that compares products, features, and prices, and then provides a final recommendation. The focus is on the single computer, as the number of machines ultimately to

be purchased
has not yet

been determined


Since the focus is products, features, and prices, search in vendors’ websites for sources. Do not use comparison websites; you must go straight to the vendor or primary source. If you are unsure that your source choices are appropriate, contact your professor early in the unit for


Assignment components:

Cover Page

  • Write a suitable, descriptive title.
  • Identify the client’s name and your name.
  • Include the date.

Starting on page 2, provide the following in the order given below.

Executive Summary

  • In paragraph form, explain the purpose of the proposal and

    give a brief summary of
    your final recommendation. Required length: 50–80 words.

Hardware Recommendations

  • Compare two different laptop or all-in-one desktop computers by identifying at least four (4) important features of each and placing them in a Word table.
  • Under the table, provide the URLs to the vendors’ pages where you found this information.
  • Write a paragraph of 50–80 words to explain why one is a better choice for the client than the other. Do not do additional research for this paragraph; use your critical thinking skills.
  • Then write a statement that provides the prices for the two computers.

Operating System Recommendation

  • Write a paragraph of 50–80 words in which you choose an operating system for the client’s computers. Justify your reasoning.
  • Provide the URL to the vendor’s page.
  • Then write a statement that explains the cost of the operating system.

Productivity Software Recommendations

  • Compare Microsoft Office to one of these open source

    : Google Docs/Sheets/Slides, OpenOffice®, or LibreOffice®. Use a Word table for this comparison and include pertinent information about word processing, spreadsheets, and presentations. Make sure you go to primary sources, not a comparison site, so

    this comparison is created by you
    .Scenario:Antivirus Software Recommendation

    • Compare two antivirus products. Use a Word table to show at least three (3) feature comparisons. Do not choose a free option. Make sure you go to primary sources, not a comparison site, so

      this comparison is created by you

    • Under the table, provide the URLs to your sources.
    • Write a paragraph of 50–80 words that explains which of these you have chosen for the client and why. Do not do additional research; use your critical thinking skills.
    • Then write a statement that provides the prices for the two antivirus options.

    Final Recommendation

    • Develop an Excel worksheet in which you show one-year costs of your computer choice, operating system, productivity suite, and antivirus software.

      An example is shown
      in this unit’s Reading PDF.

      • For items that incur monthly costs, show a 12-month price, with “12” being the “quantity.”
      • Label all input appropriately.
      • All line totals must

        be calculated
        by formula.

      • Add the costs together via formula. Apply conditional formatting to this total cost cell, providing color if the total is more than a value you choose. (See the Reading PDF for conditional formatting information.)
      • For a clean look, turn off


    • Develop another such Excel table in which you show the costs of the other computer you used for comparison earlier in the document, the same operating system, the other productivity suite, and the other antivirus software.
      • Use the same formatting for this worksheet; the changes should be only in labeling and numeric input.
      • Time-saving
        hint: Once you have created the first table, copy and paste it, and then change the input

        to correctly identify
        the items and costs.

    • Embed these tables in your Word document. Embedding instructions are in the Reading PDF. Screenshots, Word tables, or linked files will not

      be accepted
      for this part of the assignment.

    • Provide a summary of your final choices and why they are appropriate for the client, writing one paragraph of 50–80 words.

    Additional parameters:Format:

    • Use a business-style Word template. Your professor may provide links to suitable templates in the announcements, seminar, and/or email. Ensure that your template choice is in portrait orientation and pages are letter size (8.5″ x 11″).
    • An image may be included
      on the cover page, but in no other part of the document.

    • Use subheadings. Copy them from the instructions above.
    • Single-space paragraphs without first-line indentation and leave a blank line between paragraphs and sections for readability.
    • Do not add sections. Complete the document exactly as assigned.
    • Writing:
      • Use formal language.
      • First-person writing is not appropriate.
      • Write in your own words; do not quote or copy from sources.
      • As this is a workplace document and not an APA paper, provide the URLs as instructed. Do not use in-text citation or write reference entries.
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