your transcript in the provided template, writing in full sentences. This is not a client you know well yet, so remain formal in your word choice and approach transcript only template provided

I don’t know how to handle this Computer Science question and need guidance.

Assignment Instructions and Requirements

First, download the required template for this assignment: Transcript Template

Use of this template is

for your transcript. Do not alter the formatting;

fill in the content as explained below. Failure to submit the assignment using this template will

result in
zero points.


504 Technologies has a new client company which has been storing data in

what might be considered
a “jumbled mess.” You realize a great need for ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning software) and CRM (Customer Relationship Management software).

At this point, the
idea is to purchase one and export data into it, before purchasing the other and exporting appropriate data


The client asked if he can call you in a few days; he is

working overseas and can only spare between 90 seconds and 2 minutes to discuss this. You have time to prepare for the phone call, so you practice your persuasive speech by writing a transcript. Your plan is to either “sell” an ERP or a CRM in this first communication.

Light Research:

Choose either ERP software or CRM software. Locate a product’s website and review the information provided there. The product you choose must


be labeled
either ERP or CRM and

prices must be listed
on the website. Do not use a comparison site or other kind of source.

Prepare your transcript in the provided template, writing in full sentences. This is not a client you know well yet, so remain formal in your word choice and approach. Keep in mind the timing parameter of 90 seconds to 2 minutes. Include the following, in order:

  • Introduction:
    • Start with a greeting, your name, and that you work for 504 Technologies.
    • Since this is practice for a phone call, thank the client for meeting you on the phone.
  • Explain your software recommendation. Include:
    • Information about what this kind of software does.
    • Why it is important to use this kind of software.
    • A description of the specific product, with brand name, version, main features, cost, and whatever else you find important.
  • Conclusion:
    • Tell the client that in the next conversation, you wish to speak to him about the other

      kind of
      software (CRM or ERP), and

      briefly state what that kind of software does.

    • Thank the client for the phone call and opportunity to work with him.

As you write the transcript, make sure you use a persuasive tone, without chastising the client for poor previous practices, and without including emotional content or manipulation.

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